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We are calling artists from around the world to compose a song for Prince. The goal of this project is to show how much Prince has influenced various generations of musicans, and to connect inspired artists with a wide range of listeners worldwide.

THE PRINCE FAN ALBUM will be the opportunity to finally record your thoughts, your bass, keyboard or guitar phrase with a purple touch and get it out into the world. Hi- or Low-Fi, pure audio or music video, whether one or ten minutes, in English, Spanish, Arabic or instrumental: it’s up to you - simply go purple!

C U, Michel and Nils

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A lot of purple fun. Here we go! 4 all spotifyers we started a playlist with those artists who are streamable there. Find and join the playlist at the bottom of this page.

"The Real Funkman” hymn to Prince Rogers Nelson by Birbæk / Kruse

ABOUT THE SONG: The song came out pretty spectacular. Nils and I were just in L.A. with Hans Zimmer, who is also a huge Princefan, for the musical setting of my novel adaptation, when suddenly Sheila E. came in with Wendy & Lisa and started singing. No, just crap.

When I met Nils, he told me that he sometimes goes to the cellar with …

“Work it out” by Cory Wong

feat. Antwaun Stanley and the Hornheads

The Hornheads are best known as Prince’s horn section and their leader, Michael Nelson, did most of the horn arrangements for Prince.

 “You Got 2 Love” by St. Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson, aka St Paul (as Prince named him), is a multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer, based in Minneapolis, MN.  Some of his credits include: 

The Time, Lead Singer in Prince's group The Family, Guitarist with The Steve Miller Band, Bassist and Guitarist with Oleta Adams ….

We are proud that he personally gave us the permission to feature his new song here. '#YouGot2Love


L'exceptionnel guitariste français! Prince taught Pierre Cacciarella (aka Wan Man) the sense of groove and how to express feel at the right time …

“MISS PRINCE” by Republican Hair


I miss you like Rain
I miss you like The Color Purple
Like 1999, little Red Corvette doing circles
I miss you like Let's Go Crazy
I miss you like … read more

“What U C Is What U Get ” by The Academy of Funk'n'RoLL

Tribute to Prince for Demelza House Hospice for Children. "What U C Is What U Get" tells a fictional story of a strange relationship between Prince and ...

 “Götter gehen nie ganz (Gods don’t really leave)” by zweipunktzwei

ABOUT: The drum groove of this song is basically inspired by Prince´s song "Housequake". We tried to combine it with our love for guitar music and funky electronica. Prince lives on in the heart of every musician who heard and saw him.

 “Purple Pearl” by UEBERTRIBE

Purple Pearl was a very joyful process, it took us two rehearsals to experiment with some parts, so by the end of April (2016) we had it almost there, as the news reached us… So it was evident that it will be dedicated to Prince, final arrangement and the name for the track just came as if they always been there

“2 Prince” Homage by Trenton Lundy

 “if you don’t Like” by kaiserkommt

 “We Come In PEZ” by Galactic Funk

We come in Peace
We come with Understanding
We come in Funk
We come with Love


if you're excited about our portal, your Prince-infected-music could soon take this place. Along with a lot of like-minded people, with a lot of purple fun.

You can find out how to participate under JOIN and we'll hear you here soon.  

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4 all spotifyers we started a playlist with those artists who are streamable there. You can add the list 2 your personal playlists.

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