With Michel Birbæk and Nils Kruse, two Prince fans have found each other in Germany. Nils is a musician and organizer of prince parties. Michel is a musician and author of the world's only Prince fan novel "The most beautiful girl in the world", which was published by Random House in 2018.

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Because of their love for music and Prince in particular, they recorded a hymn for Prince - THE REAL FUNKMAN. From this arose the desire to bring more musicians and Princefans together and so the idea for THE PRINCE FAN ALBUM was born. A worldwide unique portal for purple music - by Princefans for music fans.
The aim and wish of Michel and Nils is for other musicians, who were also influenced by Prince, to record their own song as an homage to Prince and share it here. On the one hand this is to make visible the influence Prince has had on several generations of artists, on the other hand it is to create an exchange among international musicians - and of course a lot of purple music. We are a private non-profit portal, working honorary, powered by pure fan love.
Let’s go purple!

Interview in German

Interview in German

Rolling Stone Magazine Germany interviewed Michel and Nils on the launch of this worldwide unique project. Read the interview here in German. For everyone else we translated the entertaining interview into English, Have fun!

We would like to thank

Silke B - for colours, backings and husband.

Claudia Berlinger - for the liquid english bricks and candy drops ;-)

Petra Kalb - for purple support!

Sassan Niasseri - for the rolling interview with us.

Semih Suezer - for the IT start help and his know how.

Doria Di Feo-Muley - for the photo of the fence (see below), to which Nils and I could not travel for emotional reasons.

Funk Bandit. Forever unforgotten.

At all Princemusicians! Especially from The Revolution, NPG and 3rdeyegirl - for incredible fun, grooves and purple music!

All concert visitors from the Cologne Princeparty 07.06 2018, where the audience singing for "The Real Funkman" was recorded.

Prince Rogers Nelson

Thanks for everything. Wonderful that you were there.

Fence at paisley park. Photo by Doria Di Feo-Muley

Fence at paisley park. Photo by Doria Di Feo-Muley