Paul Peterson, aka St Paul (as Prince named him), is the youngest of Minnesota’s First Family of Music, The Petersons. He is a multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer, based in Minneapolis, MN.  Some of his credits include: 

  • Keyboardist in The Time

  • Appeared in Purple Rain

  • Lead Singer in Prince's group The Family,

  • Guitarist with The Steve Miller Band,

  • Bassist with Kenny Loggins,

  • Bassist with Peter Frampton,

  • Bassist and Guitarist with Oleta Adams

  • Producer and Musical director for Donny Osmond to name a few. 

    >> Source: paulpeterson.com


Interview and Story at The PRN Alumni “Stories From The Park” Spotlight series a two-part interview by writer Tony Kiene with St. Paul Peterson.

Hey, look for cameos in this video: Sinbad, Fred Armisen, Tom Arnold, Donny Osmond, Victor Wooten, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir and Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, join Peterson in his plea for one love, one nation, one groove. Video by by Bome Productions .5562

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Hey, positivity is coming right on time

You got to trade negativity from everyone

not on your side

you got to close all them doors

cause love opens more you see

- you will see

time is a thief

so let me safe you some grief

and take this good advice

you got 2 live

you got 2 learn

you got 2 love

people always gonna try to get underneath your skin

devide and conquer, if they segragate us

you know they always (never ever) win

(never ever gonna let thim win)

Hope is our future

a change in the wind is blowin'

(hope is gonna blow right in)

it's time to come together

one funky world forever

stand up and holla

let the music play

you got 2 live

you got 2 learn

you got 2 love

three precious things that I'm talkin about y'all

it's all about love

left and right - stay out of sight

if we come together -it's gonna be alright

people got to make it happen

you know that it's love we're lackin'

it's time to come together

one funky world forever

live for today -give to the future

don't you know that your children are watchin' You

one love

one nation

one groove

one love

one nation

one groove