“Work it out” by Cory Wong

feat. Antwaun Stanley and the Hornheads*

“The Hornheads are best known as Prince’s horn section and their leader, Michael Nelson, did most of the horn arrangements for Prince.

Antwaun Stanley — vocals / Cory Wong — guitar, keys, video / Michael Nelson — trombone / Kenni Holmen — saxes / Steve Strand — tpt / Yohannes Tona — bass / Petar Janjic — drums and cymbals / Kevin Gastonguay — keys

Produced 2017

“Getting the nod from Prince”

[…] Cory got involved in a Monday night jam with Dr. Mambo’s Combo (a legendary house band comprised of members from Prince’s New Power Generation) at Bunkers in Minneapolis. This is where he cut his teeth and really delved into the world of funk and RnB.

“Earlier on, when I was playing that gig, Prince would come in, and I would try to impress him by playing more like him or doing the over-the-top Minneapolis thing,” Cory explained, “Eventually, Michael Bland and Sonny T (Prince’s rhythm section) would be like ‘dude, quit trying to sound like that, just sound like yourself. You sound great when you play like you, and that’s why people connect to your playing.'”

Eventually, Cory started to do just that, and people took notice. Prince did too.

“Getting the nod from Prince, saying that he liked my style and the way that I played was mind blowing,” Cory said, “I had to run away when he said that and freak out for a second.”

Excerpt from Kyle Sparkman’s Interview with Corey on pickupmusic.com

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CORY on prince

Prince is the be all end all of guitar for me. I grew up with his music everywhere around me in Minneapolis, so I have a pretty deep connection to it. The Minneapolis feel and sound is a real thing. His playing was so tight, but so human at the same time if that makes any sense.

Excerpt from Kendall Delfin’s Interview with Cory on liveformusic.com