Just Pierre, using a bass line, a looper-effect and his purple inspiration. Produced 2017


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5 on prince

1. What was the prince moment of your life to you?

The first time I heard the song, "sometimes it snows in April...".

2. What was Prince's greatest achievement for you: playing the guitar, singing, acrobatics, composing, acting?
To play all these instruments in an admirable way. And how he could approach different musical styles and at the same time preserve his identity and personality.

3. Which album was the most valuable for you - and why?
Purple Rain was the discovery of his universe, so it remains a great album for me, even though he later released others like "Sign'o' the Times".

4. Did Prince teach you something, what can nobody take from you anymore?
Prince taught me the sense of groove and how to express my feel at the right time on the guitar.

5. If you could have met Prince for a juice, what would you have talked about?
About music, of course!

Translated from French by TPFA with help of www.DeepL.com/Translator