“What U C Is What U Get” by The Academy of Funk'n'Roll

Tribute to Prince for Demelza House Hospice for Children. "What U C Is What U Get" tells a fictional story of a strange relationship between Prince and someone from another galaxy ...

Cover art by Mary Frances Geiser


If all the critics love u in New York, how come u won't b my lover?
And if eye was ur girlfriend, eye would die 4 u in an electric chair

What U C Is What U Get
I'm a Sexy MF in my red corvette, in my red corvette all soft and wet

U r the most beautiful girl in the world, so let's make a baby
With my endorphin machine, u and me baby, let's go crazy

What U C Is What U Get
I'm a Sexy MF in my red corvette, in my red corvette all soft and wet

Don't bring ur friends over, or ur old skool company
When 2 r in love, it's forever, u're the only one eye wanna c
U and me, the greatest romance ever sold
So do me baby, how we gonna break these chains o' gold

What U C Is What U Get
I'm a Sexy MF in my red corvette, in my red corvette all soft and wet


released July 7, 2014
Written by Peter Cook, Vocals by Sharon Mari, Bass guitar by the wonderful Don, Mystery guest formerly known as Dan



5 on prince

1. What was the Prince moment of your life to you?

My last concert at the Roundhouse in 2014.  I was three rows deep in a small venue and I felt such an incredible sense of connection with him.

2. What was Prince's greatest achievement for you: playing the guitar, singing, acrobatics, composing, acting?

Yes, all of those.  I’m biased of course but one of the things I discuss in my book “The Music of Business” is the fact that he is a polymath. He does the whole lot. That’s a true musician in my experience of meeting a few.

3. Which album was the most valuable for you - and why?

I love many of the albums, but I feel that One Night Alone Live captures Prince at his improvisational best, working the band. I think it’s an unfair question as his music covers so many genres and therefore so many moods.

4. Did Prince teach you anything no one can ever take from you?

Prince was instrumental (sic), along with a few others, at teaching me how to play guitar and how to listen. These are invaluable skills which are rare I would say.

5. If you could have met Prince for a juice, what would you have talked about?

We were on the way to that goal.  I’d interviewed Sheila E, Andy Allo, George Clinton, Ida Nielsen and word had gotten back to Paisley Park that we did not go for the celeb “what’s your favourite colour” type interview.  I’d have wanted to focus on music, songwriting, the meaning of his songs and his thoughts on life, living and our contributions as human beings on planet earth.