“if you don’t Like…” by kaiserkommt

Produced 2010

5 on prince

1. What was the Prince moment of your life to you?

It was in 1992 after a concert in Stuttgart at the afterparty. I did not get to the club "Altes Schützenhaus" until half past two in the morning.The musicians of Prince Band were there and instruments covered with a white mask was to be recognized. Then came the announcement that the band would move on with Prince to the next town and would not play anymore. At that moment, Prince came to the small stage. We looked at each other. he looked to the DJ, who was playing the song "my name is prince" at that moment a second look and a smile to me, a wave at me and he was gone.

Nobody noticed him except me.

2. What was Prince's greatest achievement for you: playing the guitar, singing, acrobatics, composing, acting

I think Composing, playing the piano and guitar. But he was a very talented drummer as well. I always try to feel this kind of groove when I´m playing the drums.



3. Which album was the most valuable for you - and why?

Around the world in a day. The album after Purple Rain is pure art and joy of life and playing. my favorite tunes on the album are PopLife and PaisleyPark.

4. Did Prince teach you anything no one can ever take from you?

Creating a musical "space" and off course playing the guitar.

5. If you could have met Prince for a juice, what would you have talked about?

whatever and no questions...