Please read a few FAQs before U join in

Who can participate?

Anyone who has been influenced by Prince and can express this musically.

What do I have to do to get on board?

Submit a song that shows your Prince influence.

How should my song sound?

Only you know that! It can be instrumental or sung in all languages of the world. You can sit in front of the microphone with your instrument alone, record the song live with your band, record it in a studio or create it on your laptop. The length of the title is irrelevant, whether one or monumental 8:40 minutes - "it's up 2 u".

At what point can my song be rejected?

A If neither the music nor the lyrics indicate that it's a tribute to Prince.

B The audio quality is too poor.

C if it is a cover version and third party rights are affected.

D Contain text or video passages / scenes that defame, insult or disparage people or animals.

E If there is evidence that untrue information is given in the registration form.

What audio quality do I need?

In order to be able to take full advantage of the release possibilities, we recommend that you record with the best possible quality.

I already released my "Prince song"?

We assume that your label will also be pleased that we are increasing the popularity of your song.

What about my copyrights?

You maintain all rights to your song. We link the song from your portal (YouTube, Soundcloud etc.) where you stream your song. We do not(!) link to Facebook videos.

All we need is your consent to link the song and your assurance that you are the author of the song and that no third party claims exist - So please avoid the use of original samples and lyrics from Prince himself.

There is no legal claim to the publication of your song.

Do I have to make a video for the song?

No, but of course you are very welcome to do one. Even a moving picture show with one or more pictures makes a lot more than pure audio. You can also submit the video later.

How does my song come to you?

Upload your song to Youtube, Soundcloud or a comparable portal. Please do not(!) create a playlist to other of your songs. Share the link of your homage with us. We will then "embed" your song on Please note that you always use the best possible audio quality for uploading.

Is there a ranking?

No, there is no ranking in our articles. However, we reserve the right to control the dramaturgy of the publication. This means that - especially at the beginning - we pay attention to an appealing mix of styles.

What is the deadline for submitting your song?

None. Like Prince's music, this portal will continue to exist forever.

before U start registration

If you already have your song publicly on the Internet, all you need is

- A link to a band photo

- A text describing how your Prince homage came into being

- Song lyrics (if any)

and within five minutes you can fill out the registration form.